General Information, Code of Conduct, Activity Waiver


General Information



For medical emergencies requiring ambulance attendance dial 000.For other emergencies, contact Jenni: 0409 163 372 or visit the
Reception Office
. If unattended please ring the bell beside the door.


Parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children and for thesupervision of their children AT ALL TIMES.

SPEED LIMIT The speed limit on the property is WALKING PACE only.  NOT more than 10km per hour.


Please respect other people’s property while staying at Hilltop Resort. Any damage that occurs to Hilltop Resort property is to be reported immediately to the owner Jenni Domansky. Costs of repairing damage will be covered by the person responsible for the damage.


Camping sites and motel rooms need to be kept tidy: please use the bins provided. Make sure you keep your doors shut as the local wildlife will not hesitate to visit and leave their calling cards!


No smoking allowed in public buildings, pool area, motel rooms or near children.


All swimming pool activity must be supervised by at least one adult.


Strictly no entry to Animal Enclosure without supervision of a member of Hilltop Resort Staff.


The main lights around the Resort go out at 11pm each evening. Please keep noise and activity to minimum after 11pm. Children are expected to be at their site or motel room at and after this time.


Activity sessions begin in the Function Centre. Please aim to be punctual. If you arrive late for the activity, please take your child to the group and help him or her to settle into the activity. Please provide closed-in shoes, a hat and a water bottle for outside activities for your children. 


Campers organise own breakfasts and lunches. CampFest Dinners are group affairs and we meet and eat together either in the Function Centre Hall 6pm.  Tea towels and washing up facilities, brooms, cloths and surface spray are also provided: please help to keep the area clean and tidy by wiping tables and sweeping floors.

Due to OHS rules children are not permitted in the kitchen. 


Chewing gum is not allowed anywhere at Hilltop Resort due to the damage it causes.


There are a large number of gates at Hilltop Resort to keep animals in and humans out. These gates are only to be operated by Hilltop Resort Staff.


Must be under effective control and on a lead at all times. Pets are not allowed into motel rooms.


Please read and sign upon arriving at CampFest (see below).


There are several supermarkets in Swan Hill that offer limited free carparking (there are parking meters on the main street).



The management of a group of people requires different considerations to family activities, or even a casual gathering of home educating families. This code of conduct may differ from those applied in your own family. To ensure a successful social experience for all participants this code has been developed.
In participating at CampFest you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to implement the content of this statement.
You acknowledge that you are responsible for your children and for the supervision of your children at all times during this event.
You acknowledge that as a group of adults we are collectively responsible for the welfare of all the children participating at CampFest.
You accept that any adult or parent may guide a child’s behaviour to align with the expectations within this agreement and understand that, under all and any circumstances, only the parent of the child may discipline the child.
Please discuss the expectations of this statement with your children.

CampFest participants respect and protect the property and environment at Hilltop Resort.
Use all equipment carefully and safely at all times.
Don’t litter.
Look after plant and animal life: treat with care, respect and protect.
Running and climbing inside buildings is unsafe behaviour and not allowed.
For occupational, health and safety reasons children are not allowed in the commercial kitchen.
Stay off or outside areas marked ‘no entry’ or ‘staff only’.
If anything is broken or not working properly report it to Hilltop Resort staff or CampFest organisers: do not attempt to fix or repair it yourself.
Only enter fenced areas with gates with Hilltop Resort staff or a CampFest organiser.
Closed-in shoes and hats are recommended to be worn during outside activities.
Campsites and motel rooms are only permitted to be entered with the permission of the tenants of those spaces.
CampFest participants respect each other.
CampFest aims to foster helpful, cooperative and supportive behaviour. Please use common courtesies:

  • get to know fellow CampFest participants and their names,
  • listen and speak to others respectfully,
  • ask before taking or using equipment and materials that does not belong to you,
  • listen attentively to instructions,
  • follow instructions when necessary,
  • pay attention if required to do so,
  • take turns when appropriate to do so,
  • assist less able people,
  • do not use abusive or unacceptable language or behaviour,
  • use positive (not negative) language and constructive (not destructive) behaviour.

Aggressive behaviour, bullying and teasing are not acceptable. Mediation conflict resolution will be employed by Hilltop Resort staff and CampFest organisers.
If a child or adult is hurt and sustains an injury please notify either Hilltop Resort staff or a CampFest organiser and supply them with details about what happened.
Before you commit to an activity, please consider its appropriateness for your child, his or her developmental ability, learning style, disposition and temperament. We wish to ensure successful participation for your child and other children. Please be prepared and accommodate your child’s particular needs to enable him or her to participate and enjoy activities on offer at CampFest. Some children will not enjoy particular activities and it is not the intent of this event to force children to participate. A child who does not want to join in with an activity may disrupt the enjoyment of other children to participate successfully. Please respect your child’s choices.
Children are welcome during scheduled sessions for parents: please bring a quiet, reasonably still activity they can do to keep themselves occupied.

Dealing with negative and destructive and uncooperative behaviours

Ask the child or children to stop the behaviour immediately. If the behaviour continues, the children’s parent will be sought and they will be asked to stop the inappropriate behaviour. If the inappropriate behaviour continues, the parent will be asked to remove the child from the activity.  At a mutually convenient time the parent or parents will discuss the incident in a calm, cooperative manner, with either a member of Hilltop Resort staff or a CampFest organiser with the aim of resolving any conflict remaining and to help integrate the child or children more successfully into CampFest life and activities.





Date of Camp during which activities will be undertaken: ……………to…………….


Child: …………………………………Guardian or Parent:………………………………….

Charge included in camp cost


  1. a) The child will attend the venue for a home educating camp
  2. b) The child will participate in various activities supervised by his/her parent/guardian at the venue, involving use of venue facilities and equipment, during the excursion.
  3. c) The child and his/her parent/guardian agree to waive all rights against the venue and comply with provisions set out herein.

Now this deed witnesses

The child in respect of the activity must;

  1. Listen to and follow all instructions given by the instructor and venue representative
  2. Pay the charge
  3. Wear all safety equipment provided, for the purpose for which it was intended and indemnify Hilltop Resort for all damages occasioned to the safety equipment caused by improper use
  4. Not participate if under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication of any sort that may in any way increase the risk of an accident or injury
  5. If a minor, have his/her parent or guardian’s consent to participate and that consent must be recorded by the parent or guardians signature at the foot of this agreement
  6. Not use the ropes course if he/she weighs in excess of 85kg
  7. That there is risk of serious injury and death in participating and that such can be due to circumstances beyond the control of the instructor and the venue
  8. That the instructor or venue representative may terminate the activity without refund if the instructor or venue representative believes the participant is behaving in a manner that is careless, dangerous, or does not comply with instructions given
  9. He/she voluntarily participates after having read and understood these terms
  10. And the parent or guardian, if the participant is a minor, acknowledges having read and understood these terms and their binding nature

The child in respect of the activity, acknowledges:

If the participant is a minor, the signature of his/her parent or guardian on this agreement constitutes acceptance of these terms on the minor’s behalf. The parent or guardian is bound by the terms, and is deemed to be a participant under this agreement.

Signed sealed & delivered by the child…………………………………………………………

Signature of Guardian or Parent if participant aged under 18……………………………………..

Signature of Independent Witness for Guardian: …………………………………………………..

Printed Name of Witness: …………………………………………..………

Signed Sealed & Delivered by Hilltop Resort representative:…………………………………………….