Swan Hill is a city in Victoria, Australia, located on the Murray Valley Highway near the Murray River’s southern bank and downstream from the junction of the Loddon River.

It was named a remarkable and distinct place with a long and illustrious history that might be identified to mark the confluence of two lovely streams. The town is also home to some wonderful art galleries, the rich history of the area has had a marked influence on local artists.

Swan Hill is a beautiful location to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, with activities ranging from local and travelling events to regular festivals and outdoor experiences and river-based sports throughout the year.

There are so many elements to Swan Hill’s appeal, from history to culture, wine, nature, sports, and outdoor adventure, that it might be tough to keep track of everything.

Here is our list of ten things you can see and do in Swan Hill.

Pioneer Settlement Museum

The Pioneer Settlement Museum is a great place to explore the history of Swan Hill. It includes a collection of historical buildings, including a blacksmith shop and church. Also included is a farm display where you can learn about early farming techniques. Puppet shows are also periodically held for younger visitors.

The first open-air museum in Australia was built here in 1966, and Queen Elizabeth II visited in 1970. You can explore a Mallee road from the 19’s, take a cart ride with a free horse in period attire, and speak with the knowledgeable locals.

The Giant Murray Cod

The Giant Murray Cod statue was created in 1992 as a movie prop and quickly took over as the town’s iconic symbol. It was built to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the protected cod and stands 11 metres long and 6 metres wide.

In addition to having a spiritual significance for the Murray-Darling Basin’s Aboriginal communities, the fish is a pinnacle predator that can consume any other species of smaller fishes and even other small animals, including water dragons and snakes.

The Murray Laser

The Laser Spectacular is a three-day event of music and lights, with lasers and fireworks choreographed to popular songs. The show starts at the Pioneer Settlement Museum every night with dazzling lasers with 3D spectacle, sound, water sprays, and light.

The production illustrates the Murray River’s journey across 30 million years on a nine-meter water-screen canvas in an exceptionally innovative way. The arrangement of red river gums against a fundamental grassy backdrop provides the stage with a genuine Murray setting from the outdoor theatre facing toward the water.

Murray River Cruise

Every day, leaving the Pioneer Settlement Museum is a cruise down the Murray River. Spending a few hours on a traditional paddle-wheeler, you will enjoy seeing many of the local bird and plant species as well as spotting some of the unique fauna that makes this area their home.

The PS Pyap is your ship, which has been in service since 1896. The ship began as a floating general store and has evolved into a spectacular method to appreciate the natural beauty of the riverbanks outside Swan Hill.

Lake Boga

Lake Boga Wetland is a great spot to relax with its boardwalk, picnic areas, fishing, camping, and bird watching. The Lake Boga Weir has been constructed to prevent flooding downstream by trapping water in the Goulburn River system during heavy rain.

The main settlement is Cannie, on the lake’s south-western shore, which features picnic areas, holiday homes, a railway station, and an excellent piece of history in the shape of the Pump that operated from 1905 to 1952.

Flying Boat Museum

In 1942, the (Royal Australian Air Force) RAAF established a secret seaplane base on Lake Boga’s west shore to fight back the Japanese assaults on Broome and Darwin.

The historic base was abandoned at the end of 1947, but the legacy can be seen in the first-class museum. The museum has an astonishing Catalina (A24-30) that the Lake Boga Lions Club restored, and it also incorporates the base’s secret communications bunker.

This comprises photographs, films, communications tools, equipment, apparatus, and the machine parts of a few flying boats.

Nyah-Vinifera Park

Nyah-Vinifera Park is an unspoiled bushland area that offers many outdoor activities, including 4WD trails and fishing at the lakes. There are also picnic areas and camping spots available.

On Murray’s Victoria bank, there’s a vast area of pristine nature a few kilometres downriver. Delicate ancient river red gums of some centuries-old and framing billabongs and lagoons along the river’s margin are grown at Nyah-Vinifera Park.

There are also Aboriginal people’s traces, such as burial grounds and middens.

Swan Hill Wine Region

The Swan Hill Wine Region comprises 20 different wineries in close proximity to one another, allowing visitors to visit all or some while being so close.

Swan Hill has slightly less rain and colder temperatures, allowing the grapes to mature a little more slowly. St Andrews, the area’s first winery, began producing wine in 1930. New cellar doors and vineyards are opening every year.

The town is the primary draw for its own wine region, with vines planted along Murray’s Victoria bank and irrigated directly by the river. The sandy and clay-rich soils are similar to those found in Champagne and Burgundy.

The Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery

The Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery showcases permanent and travelling art exhibitions, with six new shows per year. The gallery also hosts classes, workshops, artist talks, guided tours, and special events like the annual Jazz in June festival.

The public art gallery opened in the mid-’60s and shifted to its current customized building, designed by architect Ian Douglas, in 1987. The Art Gallery has a busy schedule of more than 20 exhibitions each year and rotating displays of pieces from the enduring collection.

The collection includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints created since 1970 and emphasizes Australian Naïve art. There are workshops, guided tours, school holiday programs, and live music on the gallery’s Steinway piano, in addition to its numerous exhibitions.

Swan Hill River Walk

The Swan Hill River Walk is a great place to get out and stretch your legs, with beautiful views of the Murray River’s west bank.

You can choose between an easy walk or a more challenging hike in the National Trust-protected nature reserve that forms part of the much larger Nyah-Vinifera Park.

This 12km loop along one of the finest riverfront stretches in Australia begins at Horseshoe Bend Reserve. It leads up to Nyah-Vinifera Park before returning downriver via Reedy Creek Track.

There are several sites that recall Swan Hill’s past as a busy seaport, including the beautiful Lift Bridge (1896). This bridge was built with a central span that could be raised to allow paddle steamers to pass beneath it, making it the first of its kind on the Murray.

There are interpretive boards along the route that trace the area’s natural and human history, including the Wemba-Wemba and Wati-Wati people who have inhabited it for up to 13,000 years.

Final Words

Swan Hill is a land of many distinct landscapes, magnificent natural features, and special events that must not be missed. There are also gift shops full of local goodies such as jams, sauces, preserves, wine, liqueurs, oils, and organic cosmetics.

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